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Contracted name Iskra ESV d.d. (Iskra ESC share holding company)
Director mag. Boštjan Pražnikar
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Fax + 386 (0)4 237 55 79
E-mail info@iskra-vzd.si
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Web www.iskra-vzd.si
Full name ISKRA Energetika, Stroji in Vzdrževanje, podjetje za energetiko, izdelavo in vzdrževanje strojev, naprav in opreme d.d., Kranj(Iskra Energetics, Machinery and maintenance, enterprise for energetic, manufacture and maintenance of machines, installations and equipment, share holding company, Kranj)
Company ID no. 5045070000
Tax no. SI 16454120
Main activity 28.290 – Prodaja strojev in naprav za splošne namene
Bank accounts IBAN SI56 0313 8100 0001 017 (SKB d.d.)IBAN SI56 0433 1000 2110 059 (NOVA KBM d.d.)
Principal 558.663,41 EUR
Registered at District court Kranj
Registration application no. 1/303/10


We offer you:
Technical building management
Production and distribution of energy sources
Thermographic and energy surveys for buildings and installations
Energy engineering


Cogeneration, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP), describes the simultaneous production of heat and electrical energy with high efficiency in a single unit. We speak of high efficiency cogeneration when the overall efficiency of the installation exceeds 80%.
In the process of cogeneration using natural gas the source (natural gas) is supplied directly into internal combustion engine (or gas turbine), which in turn sets in motion the electrical generator to produce electrical energy. The waste heat which is the result of this process can be used to produce useful heat, which is most often applied to space and sanitary water heating, but can also be used in other processes. Waste heat is generated during engine and flue gas cooling.

The most important element in the cogeneration process is that energy is produced and used in the same place, so there is no loss in energy transfer. Cogeneration is the most efficient way of transforming primary energy into heat and power; in comparison with separate production of heat and power, cogeneration saves a substantial part of primary energy (eg. natural gas)

The overall efficiency and primary energy saving of cogeneration allows for reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus mitigating environmental impacts.

We build in CHP devices manufactured by Kunttschar und Schluter.

Advantages and user benefits
Due to the fact that cogeneration produces heat and power simultaneously it is possible to save up to 38% of primary energy in comparison to separate production of heat and power.
Cogeneration devices have very high efficiency (fom 80% to 90%)
Reduces costs of energy supply for as much as 20% to 30%
Very reliable energy supply
Constant power supply, independent of an external network
Most effective use of heat and power due to local production, which reduces the loss of energy transfer to a minimum.
Environmental benefits
High savings of primary energy sources
Reduction of greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions
Cogeneration is considered an environment-friendly technology
Disadvantages of cogeneration
Requires constant output of power and heat to achieve the best possible efficiency of cogeneration
To achieve the best efficiency all the heat that is produced must be used up
Requires regular systematic maintenance
To achieve cost effectiveness a minimum requirement of 4000 working hours per year must be guaranteed


We are exclusive sales and service representatives for the world’s largest manufacturer of plastics injection moulding machines, HAITIAN.

Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd has been solidifying its position as a global enterprise since 1994; with 30.000 units manufactured in 2010 they assumed first place in the field of plastic manufacturers, overtaking the German producer Engel. In recent years they have gained a firm foothold in Slovenia, with over 60 HAITIAN machines placed.

With mass production the HAITIAN is above all else the specialist in the field of production and application of plastics injection moulding machines.

In various product groups HAITIAN supplies standard hydraulic and power machines with clamping forces ranging from 600kN to 60.000kN. Using building components manufactured by recognized manufacturers and using progressive technologies, such as hydraulic pumps with auto tech motors induced drive, HAITIAN represents a technological high-end in its field. The machines are highly regarded for their efficiency, rapid response and quiet hydraulics, their modular design and user-friendly interface, CE accordance with European standards and last but not least their attractive prices.

These facts, combined with years of experience in injection moulding machines maintenance, have prompted us to take over the representation service for Slovenian and Austrian markets.

In cooperation with our clients we choose the optimal machinery, see to the purchase, logistics and installation of the device, including the trial run and user training. Among our post purchase activities we offer a 24/7 specialised and authorised service support.

For more information visit www.haitian.com

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Vision, mission and values

Our mission, our vision and our values are the common pointers on our way to achieving sustainable development in the field of energy and technical solutions. The services and products we create are environment- and user-friendly, both of which are basic principles and driving force of our group.

Our vision
Managing environment-friendly energy sources and introducing alternative solutions leading to a more rational use of energy and environment-friendly energy sources is only part of our vision; our goal is to establish ourselves as one of the leading Slovenian end European suppliers of automated electronic machinery and maintain our leading position as a provider of services, maintenance, and construction of capital equipment as well as industrial relocations on the Slovenian market.

Our mission

Iskra ESV d.d. (Iskra ESV shareholding company (SC)) together with its daughter company Iskra Strojegradnja in Vzdrževanje d.o.o. (Iskra Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance Ltd.) takes corporate social responsibility seriously; as a provider of alternative energy services and innovative supplier of excellent solutions in the field of automated and electrical machinery, based on our own original ideas, we enable the growth and sustainable development of our group, thus ensuring quality jobs and actively adding our piece to the vast mosaic of our social environment.

Our values

Creativity and ambitiousness
Working as a team, we challenge ourselves to tend to our personal and professional growth. Through constant learning and personal development, we lay the foundations for even greater creativity. We take the time to contemplate, act in an innovative way, and encourage new ideas, and reward great ideas. We constantly strive to improve our work processes and our results.We aim high in our endeavours, but our goals are attainable. We have the courage to cope with obstacles, to recognize our mistakes, and learn from them. As a company and as individuals we have set our goals high; we encourage healthy competition, aspirations for vocational training and advancement in the workplace, while at the same time striving to maintain a healthy balance between work and family life.

Responsibility and prudence
Our slogan says: “YOUR PARTNERS – EXCELLENT SOLUTIONS” We take our commitment seriously and always deliver what we promise. We manage our company’s assets rationally, as we would tend our personal belongings, and we strive to achieve optimal results while economizing our investments. Because we are results-oriented, we strive to develop optimised products, achieve optimum market conditions while constantly decreasing our expenditure, ceaselessly searching new business opportunities and creating real added value.

Respect and cooperation
We treat others as we would like others to treat us. We do not tolerate disrespectful attitudes; ruthlessness, disregard for others, and conceitedness have no place in our midst. We hold together in good in bad, identify and resolve potential problems, and also make merry together. We cooperate in setting up and achieving our goals, because we realise that we are part of a team, a working collective that can attain the highest goals only through collaboration. To this end we strongly promote active team-work. We encourage diversity of ideas and opinions and lay great stress on the importance of each individual’s contribution to our common goal.

Customer and employee satisfaction
The awareness that customer satisfaction is our most important goal, has always been our competitive advantage. We have plans and objectives for working with customers. We maintain a genuine, quality approach when dealing with customers, meaning we take the time to find the best solution in keeping a positive relationship between price and quality, we are easy to reach, and strive to create a pleasant atmosphere, we are kind, dependable and adaptable.We care about the development and selection of our employees, as well as their personal and professional growth, thus ensuring that the right people take up the right jobs. Our jobs encourage creativity and are not monotonous; they pay adequately and are not detrimental to the health of our employees, thus ensuring their satisfaction and sense of completeness.

Sense of belonging
We are proud to be part of the successful Iskra ESV group. The loyalty of our staff forms a firm basis for the continued existence and development of our company, because it presents an amalgamation of career aspirations of individuals and the objectives of the company. We strive to fashion a comprehensive system of human resource management. We are all aware of how important it is to identify ourselves with the goals, values, mission and vision of our company.


Our beginnings:

  • 1949  The beginnings of our company date to this year, as a maintenance service is set up within the Iskra Group.
  • 1994 An independent company, Iskra Maintenance is established and becomes a share holding company in 1995.
  • 2001 The company is awarded the ISO 9001 system quality certificate
  • 2009 Founding year of Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance Ltd.


The company evolved and grew in unison with other enterprises within the Iskra Group. What started as maintenance service developed into manufacture; based on new knowledge and experience further departments were established, to deal with installation and hardware planning and servicing. This has enabled us to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for many years past, because we are involved in our customer’s projects from the original idea to the final realization.

“Your partners – excellent solutions!”